Standard Committees

For standard committees, the best way to research a topic is to determine your country's stance on the topic at hand. Below are some useful links that will help you get familiarized with the basics of your country. Statistics will help you immensely to prove your point.

Understanding your country's stance on the topic, what countries agree with that stance, and what countries disagree with stance will be tremendously helpful! Other important characteristics of your country include its socio-economic status, its key imports, and its key exports. Feel free to expand your research options to journals, think tanks, and periodicals. Finally, always keep in mind that the end goal of research is to formulate a resolution will solve the problem at hand.

Crisis Committees

For crisis committees, a delegate's most crucial resource will be the background guide. Each background guide contains the context of the crisis, the powers of the key players, and ultimately, the full responsibilities of the delegate. More so than in standard committees, background guides will serve as your guide through the entire preparation process.