Conference invitation letter

Esteemed Sponsors, Delegates, and MUN-Aficionados,

It is our utmost pleasure to warmly invite you to this year’s SMH-MUN Conference on Saturday, March 24, 2018. This year's topic will be MOVEMENT: Understanding the Past and Creating the Future. It will indeed be a very special occasion, as the conference celebrates its 6-year anniversary. And in order to duly honor this, we have planned a spectacular conference that we want you to be a part of. Since September, we have put together a stellar Secretariat Team to achieve this goal! We consider ourselves privileged to be working with top-caliber student-leaders at Saint Mary’s Hall as well as an experienced dais from regional MUN programs.

Whether you are already an MUN veteran or completely new to the concept – all of you are crucial in this endeavor. SMH-MUN VI will offer the unique opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and take on a completely new role. We will do everything possible to provide a safe space that will allow you to reinvent yourself, leave your real life aside for a day, and step into the roles of diplomats and representatives of civil society. Because it is the concert of all these different voices that has the power to bring about real change, participating in SMH-MUN could be your first step in making your voice heard, becoming a future leader, and ultimately maybe even turning the tide of history.

We will meet in times of great challenge and transition for our nation and the international community. As part of the largest generation of youth in history, all delegates have a crucial role to play in supporting international efforts to promote global peace and justice. Through the debates at SMH-MUN, you will be challenged to find alternative solutions to very real issues. Besides the debates, negotiations, and efforts to find consensus, we can guarantee you that SMH-MUN will also be a possibility to not only make your voice heard, but hear the voices of others. SMH-MUN will introduce you to a world of diversity, a world in which different points of view are heard and different cultures are bridged.

You will have the great opportunity to meet people from all over Texas and possibly out of the state, exchanging ideas with them not only during sessions but also at the ice cream social event before the closing ceremony, and – who knows – the delegates sitting right beside you might become friends for a lifetime – even though you have fiercely debated. The most vital tool on this adventure will be each delegate's courage: Courage to take that first step in what is going to be a life-changing experience; courage to fully immerse yourself into it; and ultimately the courage to change the course of history. By joining other delegates, you will be fulfilling the mission of SMH-MUN, which is to engage young minds through debate, diplomacy, and diversity.

This is what inspires us when we first approach the world of MUN conferences, which truly change our lives. SMH-MUN’s Secretariat promises to manage and develop the skills necessary to make you eligible to aim for a career in diplomacy, to discover a passion for international relations, and ultimately decide what you want to do in the future.

If we have piqued your interest, we dare you to accept the challenge and become part of the SMH-MUN experience by registering today.  Contact us to receive updates about SMH-MUN VI. To save on conference fees, consider early registration from February 16-22, 2018. Registration will end when full capacity is reached at 250 delegates, but no later than February 28th.

Our expectations can be high, but in the end we rely on you to make this experience truly great. This is why we encourage all the experienced as well as the new delegates, diplomats, and enthusiasts of international relations to join us on this adventure.