Letter from the Secretary general

Dear Delegates, Sponsors, and Friends of SMH-MUN,

I know I speak for all Secretariat members when I say that the first few MUN conferences we attended opened our eyes and expanded our perspectives. We started to familiarize ourselves with the world around us, we learned how to negotiate with fellow delegates, and we forged friendships with amazing people we still have the fortune of knowing today!

With this in mind, it is out of a sincere appreciation for the awesome opportunities MUN has afforded us that we Secretariat members have poured our hearts and souls into making the 5th annual SMH-MUN conference the best we’ve had. Here’s what we’ve done.

To make for the exciting debate that’s long been a hallmark of the SMH-MUN conference, Secretariat has zoomed in on a relevant issue that merits much attention: ensuring that the world upholds the highest standards of ethical responsibility in its pursuit of economic progress. Issues like global mental health, international campaign finance laws, and the political protection of fossil fuel conglomerates are just a few examples of areas where Secretariat feels the international community has already begun to prioritize economic gain over ethical responsibility—or at the very least—where we run the risk of doing so. However complex and and entrenched this issue of money vs. morals may be, we Secretariat members wholeheartedly believe in the fortitude and diligence of delegates and sponsors alike to formulate a solution that maintains a delicate balance between the need to make money and the need to adhere to morals.

In addition to preparing eight standard, three specialized, and one Spanish committee, Secretariat has contracted experienced and caring chairs that will facilitate meaningful, impact-driven debate. We’ve prepared engaging and comprehensive background papers to help delegates navigate the research process, and we’ve set up a wondrous delegate social to get everyone acquainted and ready to make connections. In essence, we’ve done everything to make sure our end product lives up to expectations.

As such, it would be our honored privilege to host this conference. Motivated by a desire to offer local delegates the same opportunities offered by conferences like MUNSA, CMUNCE, and NAIMUN, we’ve worked tirelessly to make this conference the best one yet. We hope you’ll find we’ve lived up to expectations!

Warmest Regards,

Cesar Martinez