Letter from the Secretary general

Dear Delegates, Sponsors, and Friends of SMH-MUN,

It is with great honor that I address you all. I have the immense privilege of leading our Model United Nations Conference, SMH-MUN VI. Our theme this year is MOVEMENT: Understanding the Past and Creating the Future. At Saint Mary’s Hall, we believe that the ability to discuss and attempt to solve the issues plaguing the world stage is a chance everyone must take advantage of, especially young people.

My team, the Secretariat, and I thought long and hard about our theme this year. We wanted to focus on progress and how to achieve that much-desired world peace and prosperity so emphasized by the United Nations, but we did not want to overlook the hidden answers and causes of global conflict. And we firmly believe these answers are hidden in the folds of time, locked away in the past – but certainly accessible to those who seek them out.  

The past and the future clash in more ways than one. A country that refuses to accept the influxes of new cultural traditions and ideas. An international community that fails to stand with those who are suffering from war or epidemics. Politicians who are so caught up in old ideals that they forget to open their eyes to the future that is at stake. These circumstances are all the result of society’s inability to move forward, the incapacity to learn from the past, but let it go in order to sculpt a more perfect future. 

It takes careful examination to assess our history, and it takes even more observation to connect the puzzle pieces into the greater picture – the path that has led us to where we are today. The challenge of reconciling the past and the present is enough to puzzle the greatest minds, let alone the endeavor of trying to shape the future based on what we know of our history. Here at SMH-MUN VI, we believe you are up for the test. We believe you have the determination, the intellect, and the collaborative skills it takes to analyze what humanity has done wrong in the past, and how we can prevent such mistakes from trapping us in an endless cycle.

SMH-MUN, through the years, has offered successful crisis committees. For instance, we had two joint crisis committees last year. In the spirit of innovation and progress, the Secretariat Team has decided to try a new idea for this conference: a three-way crisis. We are confident that this new endeavor will encourage delegates to really examine an issue at its core and collaborate with an even greater and more diverse group of individuals.

As you prepare for SMH-MUN VI, I encourage you to open your minds to different possibilities and solutions, even ones you originally might not have supported. Integral to what we do as MUN delegates are the values of cooperation among thinkers and tolerance of ideas. Represent the player you’ve been assigned with accuracy and grace, but always remember to listen. Most importantly, believe in your committee’s ability to solve the problem at hand, and believe in the significance of your work.


Warmest Regards,

meera karkar