Standard and specialized committees will use the two formulas below to determine which delegates receive an award.

Awards are not intended to promote a spirit of hostile competition. Rather, they recognize excellence in committee, which is evaluated based upon the delegate’s participation in all aspects of the committee’s work, and in both formal session and unmoderated caucus. The best delegates will be those who stay in character as their assigned country and contribute not simply through giving speeches, but also through working alongside other delegates to negotiate and formulate resolutions. There will be awards given for “Best Delegate,” “Distinguished Delegate,” “Honorable Mention,” and "Verbal Commendation" in each committee. There will also be awards given for “Best Delegation” in three different divisions; these awards will take into consideration the overall excellence of the entire team while factoring in the score average of the total number of students present on the team. Position papers are required for delegate awards in standard committees. 

Academic dishonesty and other unauthorized assistance plagiarism will not be tolerated, nor should “pre-written” resolutions be brought to the conference. Resolutions should be the product of work at the conference. While sponsors and chaperones are welcome to attend committee sessions as observers, they may not interfere with the debate or caucuses. Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) may not be used during session. A violation of these expectations will make a delegate ineligible for an award.